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Jin Yinming

Associate Professor Jin Yiming, graduated from Zhejiang University as a Applied Mathematics major with a bachelor's degree in 1986 and got his master's degree in 2001. He has been working in this university since he graduate from college in 1986. At present, he was the chief of the College Mathematics Teaching and Research Department. He has won honorary titles for his excellent teaching skills.

He mainly studies computational geometry and computer graphics. He has a great reputation for his lectures in preparation for Post-graduate Examination and "2+2" tests. Thus he is very popular with students. Apart form this, he has also chief-edited several textbooks, one of which has become the key textbook of Zhejiang Province. In addition, he has made PPT for a large number of textbooks and published numerous papers on journals of First Level or above. Furthermore, he has been in charge of one Excellent Course of school level "Calculus".

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