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Double Bachelor's Degree Program with IPFW

Introduction of IPFW
Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne is the largest university in northern Indiana, United States, offering more than 200 Indiana University (IU) and Purdue University degrees and certificates. Since 1968, IPFW has conferred nearly 8,800 master’s degrees, 27,000 bachelor's degrees, more than 20,000 associate degrees, and nearly 2,000 certificates. There are more than 46,000 alumni.

During the 2011–12 academic year, more than 14,300 students of diverse ages, races, and nationalities pursued their education on the 682-acre campus. More than 9,000 students attended full time. Students have arrived from 43 states and 68 countries. And more than 13 percent of the student body reflects African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian/Pacific Islander, or Hispanic heritage. The campus has nearly 400 full-time faculty members, with approximately 70 professors, 115 associate processors, and approximately 130 assistant professors. It also has more than 60 instructors and lecturers and about 400 associate faculty. More than 80 percent of the full-time faculty earned the highest degree in their respective field

Introduction of the Program
Two sets of contracts have been signed between Hangzhou College of Commerce, which covers short-term and long-term exchange programs and cooperation programs in the field of teaching and research and so forth. This is a rare and valuable opportunity for students to study abroad to broaden their view and improve themselves.

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