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Welcome to take part in the international exchange and cooperation programs of Hangzhou College of Commerce!

Here we have two kinds of programs:
1. Exchange programs;
2. Degree programs, which provide bachelor’s degree and master's degree.

We are sure all these programs can meet your own specific needs.

Advantages of our programs:
1) You can save a lot of money, for all the programs are free of application fees and expensive agent commissions.
2) They are well supported by universities overseas that are cooperating with us.
3) They provide a variety of choices in majors and universities, which include top universities.
4) They are student-centered, for professional teachers of our college will help you polish your English and supply you with guidance on your study plan abroad.
5) A series of services are provided, including reservation of ones name on the school roll, conversion of credits and help students go through graduation formalities.

Our International Partners:
1. University of California, Berkley/Riverside
2. San Diego State University
3. Fayetteville State University (free of tuition)
4. State University of New York-Oswego (free of tuition)
5. University of Central Arkansas
6. Regent College (free of tuition)
7. University of Canterbury (free of tuition)
8. Technische Fachhochschule Wildau (free of tuition)
9. Yongin University (free of tuition)
10. Namseoul University (free of tuition)
11. National Taiwan Normal University (free of tuition)
12. Siam University

If you are interested in any program, please refer to our website for details or contact us through the Renren account: hsygjhz.

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