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Established with the approval of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province in 1999 and authorized by the Ministry of Education in 2004, Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce is a full-time independent college. Upholding the school motto of "Honesty, Resolution, Diligence and Sincerity", the College has attaches much importance to the quality of teaching and management and service. Through constant innovations, the College has made great efforts to promote students' capability, creativity and enterprise, so as to cultivate talents in business for society.

Today, the College accommodates a student population of more than 8500. Backed by the rich resources of Zhejiang Gongshang University, the College offers 28 undergraduate majors in fourteen departments, which covers six academic areas of Economics, Management, Literature, Law, Science, Engineering. Specifically, in line with the demand of society and the development of the College, four majors are offered in Economics, thirteen in Management, one in Science, three in Engineering, six in Literature, one in Law.

Adhering to the principles of teaching and education, the College has guaranteed that students are equipped with solid foundation of academic knowledge, professional skills and practical and creative capabilities. The College has put emphasis on the students' acquisition of basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills. As a result, 87% of the students of Class 2006, Class 2007, Class 2008, Class 2009 and Class 2010 passed the Computer Examination of Zhejiang Province Level II; the rate of passing CET4 (non-English majors) ranks high among all the independent colleges in Zhejiang. In terms of creativity and professional skills, students of the College still have the edge. For example, many students have got prizes of national level, provincial level and school level for their extracurricular academic and technical competitions as well as various creativity and business-pioneering activities. Additionally, series of activities on campus have been introduced, enriching students' college life and helping them develop themselves both intellectually and spiritually. Furthermore, much attention has been paid to the social practice of students, which has also been used as a platform to cultivate high-quality and creative talents. The College has been repeatedly awarded for its organization of students' social practice by the University and the city of Hangzhou.

In accordance with the economic development of Zhejiang, majors such as Editing and Publishing, Journalism, Engineering Management, Land Resource Management have been introduced by the College in the past four years. Well-arranged majors, together with the student-centered education pattern and well-cultivated graduates, help the College recruit more high-quality students. In 2011, the College is the most popular school for science students and the second most sought-after for arts students among all the independent colleges in Zhejiang. After a decade's efforts, in addition to the cooperation between the school and companies and the career planning courses, the College has developed sound job-seeking mechanisms and systems for students. Thus, excellent prospects are ahead of graduates from the College in the job market.

Adapting to the increasing demand of Zhejiang economy, the College further promotes its internationalized education, speeding up the cultivation of application-oriented talents with internationalized views and international experiences. To date, the College has cooperated with universities abroad in launching numerous international programs, including exchange programs and degree programs, covering bachelor's degrees and master's degrees. Exchange programs with twelve universities like University of California, Riverside/University of California, Berkeley and San Diego State University are available to students in the College. Degree programs, with universities such as University of Bridgeport, University of South Australia, Coventry University, IPFW. By means of all these programs an increasing number of students study abroad and accumulate rich experience there.

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